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Reliable Company in Dallas

When it comes to garage door repair in Dallas, you want a reliable company that has an experienced team of technicians. As a local garage door company with more than 10 years experience, we have been servicing Dallas and the surrounding cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area during that entire time while consistently leaving a trail of countless satisfied customers. We are a professional, well respected and reliable company that has technicians who are always on time to take care of the job.

We also know about the greater Dallas area and its climate. Therefore, we are prepared to make the appropriate suggestions to ensure that you get the garage door equipment that best suits your needs and that will serve you for the longest amount of time. Climate can impact your equipment. Use also plays a role. Our goal is to help you get longevity and the most for your money. We believe in using an honest approach, ensuring our customers get the job done properly and affordably. As an example, in most situations we would not recommend a wood garage door in the Dallas area because of the climate. The temperatures and dampness from humidity will cause the wood to expand, which will result in cracking and eventually problems with the garage door and its day to day operation. If you are in a situation where you could face strong hurricane strength winds, a lightweight aluminum door may not serve you well. In those situations, steel back is heavier and will withstand more wind and storm situations without damage. If you are concerned about climate control, an insulated garage door may be your best bet.

residential and commercial garage doors

Residential & Commercial Doors

With a population of more than 1.2 million people and more than a half million households in Dallas, there are literally tens of thousands of residential garage doors scattered throughout the metro area. That does not even include the large number of garage doors that are used by commercial entities, such as businesses and industrial facilities. Our technicians have helped take care of thousands of those garage doors in both, residential and commercial locations throughout the metro area. These are garage doors of various sizes and materials that are used in numerous capacities and in a variety of settings.

The city of Dallas comprises about one fifth of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex population, which is the area that one-fourth of all Texas call home. It is one of the larger metropolitan areas in the United States. Dallas is a growing city which sees new construction projects all the time. Our team can handle repairs and service or new installations. With a subtropical climate, the city experiences hot, humid summers and mild, damp winters. These temperatures and the significant amount of precipitation will impact garage door equipment. It is imperative that you select the products are that are best suited for your particular situation and needs. Offering same day repair service, there is no service call charge so there is no risk for the customer. Many garage door repair companies tack on fees but with us, there is no service call hidden cost. While we are the experts with repairing garage doors, we will also work to save you money as well. Because accidents and malfunctions happen when you least expect them, we offer 24/7 around the clock emergency service. We take pride in being a reliable

experts in repairs

Our technicians are readily available

company that you can trust. Whether a garage door needs repair at 2 a.m. or 4 p.m., our technicians are readily available and more than prepared to handle the task at hand. We consistently provide fast, courteous service. With a team of the most skilled garage door technicians around, you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time. We know that your time is valuable, so you can rely on us to be on time every time. The competition can't come close to our level of service and expertise. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and have extensive experience in all aspects of garage door service so we can get your garage door and garage door opener performing at their optimal levels. For more than a decade, we have been the local garage door company serving all of the Dallas area.

Taking the time to fully assess the situation and give you, the customer, a complete evaluation of the problem, our company stands out from any of our competitors. We not only repair and install garage doors, we also sell garage door parts at cheap and reasonable prices. When you use us to handle the project, you don't have to worry about finding a coupon or a discount because we beat the other prices upfront.

types of repair services near you

Types of Repairs and Services

We are the full-service garage door repair company in Dallas. As the one-stop garage door shop so to speak, we offer garage door spring replacement, door off track repair, garage door cables repair, repair and replace garage door openers, bent sections repair, damaged garage door panels replacement, garage door lockouts service, bent garage door tracks repair, Torquemaster spring system replacement, extension springs replacement, and one piece garage door springs.

Our team fully understands the inconvenience of garage door problems, such as your garage door being off track, a spring being broken, a panel being bent or a hinge being broken. When time is of the essence, you can rely on fast, same day service without any hidden charges. Superior workmanship and reliability should come cheap, so we offer the best discount on any jobs that we handle. No other company has the experience, or the prices that we can offer.

Door openers door openers replacement experts

We are also capable of fixing Linear, Liftmaster, Genie and Marantec garage door openers, as well as programming the remotes for Liftmaster, Linear, Marantec and Genie openers. You can count on us for installation and repair of Windsor, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, Clopay and Raynor garage doors. In addition, we specialize in opener capacitator, control boards and logic boards for Genie and Liftmaster, weather strip replacement and battery backup for openers. Whether it is routine service or emergency repairs, we can fix the problem. We can repair and install any garage door or garage door opener.

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Sectional doors customer service

Our garage door repair company can handle one-piece garage doors, sectional garage doors, carriage style garage doors and roll-up garage doors.
If it is a garage door, our technicians are capable of installing, servicing and repairing it. They are experienced across the board in all kinds of garage door related matters.
We also take care of damaged garage door panels, keeping panels in stock for fast access.
Whether you have a sectional garage door or a one-piece unit, you can depend on our garage door company for fast, professional service.

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Repair company visa

As we said before, if it pertains to garage doors or garage door openers, you can rely on us for all your needs. Providing efficient, courteous service, we have become the most trusted garage door repair company in the Dallas area.
Our team can handle the gamut of garage door service needs.
Regardless of the age or design of your garage door, you need the skilled team that you can trust to handle the job to your specifications.
With extensive training, our technicians are able to handle all the leading brands of garage doors. We also sell and install these garage doors as well.

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24/7 around the clock service

Any time of the day or night, our technicians are readily available with 24/7 around the clock service. They are always on time, providing fast professional garage door repair services. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the job, our technicians have the abilities and we have the parts to get the problem adequately addressed. We strive to be the premier garage door company in the greater metro area. For more than a decade, we have been the garage door company of choice.

Garage Door Springs Replacement in Dallas

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When it comes to replacing garage door springs in Dallas, you want a garage door company with experienced technicians. Garage door springs are an integral part of your garage door's functioning. Without the springs, your garage door will not open and close properly. Springs should be regularly checked for signs of damage or wear in order to prevent malfunction or breakage. Whether it is a residential or commercial garage door, our technicians can handle the repair, replacement and installation of garage door springs. Residential garage doors have either one or two garage door springs. Those with two garage door springs can be considered safer because in the event one spring breaks, the other spring will hold the door and keep it from falling. Larger, heavier garage doors that are used in commercial or industrial settings often require more garage door springs. Where can you buy garage door springs in Dallas? We not only install and repair them, we also sell them along with a variety of other garage door parts and accessories.

Broken garage door springs can be a safety hazard. They are used to hold the door in place, so if a garage door spring is broken, the garage door can fall and damage property or injure people. If you have a broken garage door spring, you should call for help right away. Garage door springs also hold a lot of torque in order to do their job properly, so they should only be handled by an experienced garage door technician or someone who is skilled in DIY and who has detailed instructions that they can follow precisely. Just one minor error when installing springs can result in the garage door spring inflicting serious injury or even causing death. There have been many do-it-yourselfers who have suffered fractures, amputations or worse, including loss of life, from attempting to handle a garage door spring issue without the proper skills, proper tools or adequate training.

Garage door springs that are the correct size

We know how to ensure that you get garage door springs that are the correct size. Reports indicate an alarming number of garage doors have springs that are not the right size, which can lead to future problems. Our technicians can count coils on springs to measure or calculate gage of wire. There are two kinds of garage door springs, torsion springs and extension springs. The main difference is where the springs are located. Springs are located either at the top or on the sides of the garage door. One piece garage door springs are easier to install and more efficient. These have the cones attached when purchased, so they save a lot of time and effort. Ask our technicians about this particular garage door spring option.

Special Discount: $40 Off Spring Repair

When you call on us to handle your garage door spring repair and installation, we get it done quickly. Our current special is $40 off spring repair. We work to save you money, offering affordable pricing on all services and parts. We will gladly quote you a price for any of your garage door needs. You can call us anytime for a free estimate. We also offer great deals and provide discounts that cannot be beat by other companies. We provide fast, same day service for garage door spring emergencies.

torsion springs repair in dallas tx Garage Doors Opener Repair Dallas

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

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Your garage door opener is an important part of your garage door and its day to day operations. We currently are offering $55 off garage door openers. We can service and repair the following brands, Liftmaster garage door openers, Genie garage door openers, Linear garage door openers and Marantec garage door openers. All of these are high quality, dependable garage doors that will serve you for years to come. These are also the most popular garage door openers on the market

We currently are offering $55 off garage door openers

If you are unfamiliar with the different kinds of garage door openers, our skilled technicians will be glad to go over your options and help you make the optimal choice for your particular situation and needs. Garage door openers are needed for the proper opening and closing of your garage door. When a garage door opener stops working, it can be a major inconvenience to your family or business. In such situations, you need a garage door repair company that can provide fast, courteous service.

If you are unfamiliar with the different kinds of garage door openers, our skilled technicians will be glad to go over your options and help you make the optimal choice for your particular situation and needs. Garage door openers are needed for the proper opening and closing of your garage door. When a garage door opener stops working, it can be a major inconvenience to your family or business. In such situations, you need a garage door repair company that can provide fast, courteous service.

Installing garage door openers

Our technicians also troubleshoot to find the root of the problem and save you time and money. If you have a flashing light or a beeping noise or if something is just not working up to par, don't wait until the problem worsens. When you call on us, there is never a service charge or any tacked on fees. The garage door opener brands that we service are the industry leaders, which are known for years of quality service and unbeatable results. Garage door openers are available in various horsepower, such as 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4. We also have the hardware available to install garage door openers and other garage door parts.

Garage Door Openers Brands

Liftmaster garage door openers are high quality products. Liftmaster has been manufacturing garage doors, garage door openers and garage door parts for years. These openers are known to provide optimal service and last for years. They come with a warranty from Liftmaster. Many of these garage door openers are equipped with innovative features, such as the ability to have your smartphone open your door. Genie is one of the most trusted names in garage door openers. These garage door openers will provide years of service and come with a factory warranty. They include the Genie Intellicode garage door opener, which provides state of the art security to your home. These openers include remote transmitters, which are an added convenience.

Linear garage door openers

Linear garage door openers are made for both residential and commercial settings. They offer multiple models, so they have options for all kinds of needs. Linear also manufactures parts and accessories for garage door openers. These garage door openers are compatible with a variety of garage doors. Whether you want a keychain remote or a larger remote control, we can help you find the kind you need quickly and resonably priced.

Marantec garage door openers

Marantec garage door openers are made by Marantec America, which boasts making garage door openers that are intelligently engineered. They make garage door openers for a variety of settings, including carriage house doors and the heavier doors that are wind-loaded. Offering a great selection of garage door openers for business and residential settings, they are one of the more popular manufacturers in the garage door industry.

We have the right tools for any garage door related work

We also have the tools that are needed for spring installation. We have winding bars and other items that are needed to make sure you Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY) can get the job done properly. We are currently offering $55 off on openers. If you're saying, "My garage door won't go down or up", don't suffer any longer. Call for help with your project and our technicians will quickly arrive at your location and give you a free estimate.

Garage Doors Opener Repair Dallas garage door installation in Dallas

Garage Door Parts

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When your garage door is being repaired, you want only high quality garage door parts to be used. We keep an extensive inventory of garage door parts for doors made by the leading manufacturers. All of these parts are high quality and come with the manufacturer's warranty. By keeping these parts in stock, we enable fast, efficient repair of your garage door. We also take out the middle man, cutting down on the cost for your garage door parts.

24/7 operation and same day service

Whether it is a part that is more commonly replaced or something that rarely needs to be purchased, you can depend on us to help you. We offer rollers, drums, remotes, hinges, gear sprockets, brackets, garage door lube and cables measuring 7-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot and 10-foot in length. We also offer all kinds of springs, whether you need torsion or extension springs, in addition to screws, weather seals, winding bars for torsion springs, capacitators, Liftmaster repair parts, Marantec remotes, logic board for garage door openers, receivers for Liftmaster and Marantec garage doors, keychain remotes, and garage door verticals.

The list of available garage door parts goes on and on. We have garage door sections of Amarr, Clopay, Windsor, Wayne Dalton and Northwest. Whether you need a long panel or short panel, we can take care of it. We also have the gear sprocket assembly for Liftmaster doors. For Genie garage doors, we have the limit switch and gear. We maintain a selection of bearing plates, center brackets, bearing centers for torsion springs, punched engels and garage door struts. With our 24/7 operation and same day service, you get the parts you need when you need them. We not only handle the repairs, we sell the parts. We can help you order overhead garage doors.

Our Team

There is no need in asking where or why? Our technicians can answer those questions and more. For fast help, make the call to the leaders in garage door repair in Dallas. There is no need to postpone needed service, instead, let us handle all of the work while providing superior customer service. We take time to explain the situation in detail to you.

torsion springs repair in dallas tx Garage Doors Opener Repair Dallas

Garage Doors

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There are numerous options when it comes to garage doors. Whether you are looking for a specific style, material or design, we can help you find what you need. The use and climate can also impact the kind of garage door material that best suits your needs.

Aluminum & Standard Doors

Aluminum and standard garage doors are lightweight. Therefore, they aren't suited for heavy duty operation or situations where there could be strong winds. Insulated garage doors are optimal for climate control situations. Steel back garage doors are strong and can withstand hits and abuse in commercial situations.

Custom garage doors enable you to design the door that best suits your situation. Custom design doors can be made of a specific material and be a certain size and design. One piece garage doors are exactly as the name implies, they are made of one piece of metal and the entire door moves. Rollup garage doors are most often used in commercial or industrial settings and roll up and down.

Commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors are doors that are used in business and industrial settings. A variety of doors can be used in the commercial settings. Most often rollup garage doors or steel back garage doors are used. However, the design and style of door is dependent upon the use and functioning. Our company also serves commercial clients, so whether you have one garage door or two dozen garage doors, our technicians can provide quality service and repairs.

Properly Installed

We work to make your garage door an asset to you. Garage doors should be a convenience. When properly installed and cared for, a garage door can serve you well for years to come. We also strive to make your garage door affordable, helping you to see that you don't have preventable repairs or unnecessary costs.

garage door installation in Dallas torsion springs repair in dallas tx

Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage door maintenance is imperative in maintaining the longevity of your garage door. By properly maintaining your garage door, you can save yourself time and money in the long run. Experienced technicians should perform routine maintenance on your garage door annually. During that maintenance visit, a thorough inspection is done to catch any problems early.

rollers maintenance and hinges

Garage doors require springs maintenance, rollers maintenance and hinges maintenance. These parts are inspected for signs of wear and tear and potential failure. Garage door parts failure, such as broken springs, can result in injury to people or damage to property. The inspections help catch problems that indicate breakage is imminent so you can opt to go ahead and replace the parts.

When a garage door slips off the roller, the door won't open or close properly. Proper rollers maintenance can help avoid rollers breaking or slipping. Replacing worn or damaged rollers can prevent costly emergency repairs. Broken hinges can be dangerous, leaving a garage door hanging and unable to function properly. Regular inspection of the hinges and replacing them when they are worn or damaged can help prevent inconveniences caused by broken hinges.

Parts are thoroughly lubricated

During routine maintenance visit, garage door parts are thoroughly lubricated as they are inspected. This process will loosen them up and make sure they are moving properly and freely. The technician has an eye for detail, so he can catch anything that seems amiss. The technician will also take the time to explain the findings in detail, because you should know how you should be caring for your garage door. Our technicians can treat your garage door parts with spring oil grease or lube, and can replace all kinds of garage door parts, such as torsion springs, extension springs, struts, damaged door panels, inserts, cables, batteries, belts, belt drive, bent track sections, garage door openers and more. We believe in providing high quality at a cheap price that makes garage door repair affordable.

one-stop garage door company in Dallas

When it comes to garage door openers, you can count on us for the installation and repair. We also offer garage door openers for sale. If your opener is making a beeping noise, our technicians can troubleshoot the problem. We can handle battery backup problems, replace batteries, replace clickers, remote controls and circuit boards. If your garage door opener breaks down suddenly, we even respond to emergency calls without an added charge. With fast same day service and affordable cost, we surpass the other garage door companies in the Dallas area. We will even help with custom made or unique garage doors. These doors are designed and made to fit your individual needs and specifications. They are available in different materials, sizes and colors to fit your situation and use. Our technicians will help you find the style, material and design that best suits your situation and location. Whether you are needing a new garage door installation, garage door repairs or to buy garage door parts, we are the one-stop garage door company in Dallas.

torsion springs repair in dallas tx garage door installation in Dallas